Nestled amidst the gorgeous natural environment of Gili Air island, Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort
is a pioneer in exclusive eco-resorts and lifestyle with the aim of net zero-carbon emission. This resort will be one of the first in Indonesia to fully generate its own electricity, and will also partially recycle its waste water with potentially no energy cost.

Gili Air offers a unique lifestyle with no cars or motorcycles allowed to disturb the tranquillity of the island. Visitors can walk, cycle or make use of the cidomo, a light horse carriage. This authentic island environment is the setting for Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort’s 12+12 single story one-bedroom boutique villas, each featuring an individual private salted plunge pool.

Guests also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural activities and sports in close proximity to pristine white beaches, turquoise water, vibrant coral reefs and vivid marine life for a one-of-kind tropical experience.