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East West Synergy | Film Production House

East West Sinergy (EWS) is a film production house and Intellectual Property (IP) developer dedicated to developing and producing high quality films that fuse influences from both Eastern and Western cultures. These films are aimed at capitalizing on the fast growing Asian market while also appealing to the larger international audiences.

EWS’ mission is to:

  • Develop and produce high quality hybrid cinematic projects from Indonesia
  • Establish world class film production houses and film festivals in Indonesia
  • Bring a fresh and dynamic approach to Indonesian filmmaking in diverse genres
  • Create traction for Indonesia, to build bridges and expand the nation’s cultural footprint abroad

Films produced or currently in production by EWS together with other partners include ‘Love All’, a biopic on Indonesian badminton legend Susi Susanti, and ‘Legacy of Java’. Stay tuned for more releases from EWS!