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Eastern Latitudes | Hotel & Resort Management

Eastern Latitudes is a hospitality company based in Europe dedicated to conceptualizing, developing and operating exclusive boutique villa-resorts in the far exotic corners of the world, with a primary focus on the Southeast Asian region. Eastern Latitudes works with partners to create stand out hotel and resort experiences that are crafted in harmony with the local environment.

The company manages the Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort, Ama-Lurra Sanctuary and Ama-Lurra Thalasso brands. All the Ama-Lura brands are designed with a net zero carbon emission approach as the core philosophy, and such strive to minimize their energy footprint and water usage to be truly eco-friendly. Each Ama-Lurra resort combines contemporary style and ethnic touches highlighting natural textures, vintage items and high end, long-lasting materials.

The Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort is operating in Gili Air, while Ama-Lurra Thalasso operates in Tanjung Lesung, West Indonesia, which is currently being targeted for priority development by the government as a national tourist destination. Eastern Latitudes has also identified a number of sites for future development in Indonesia, from Bintan Island in the west to Morotai in the east. All of the locations have in common exquisite natural beauty and a distinct sense of place, making each project one-of-a-kind.

Eastern Latitude is always open to new opportunities for discussion and partnership, with a vision of creating value for all parties including the local communities where our projects are based.