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Our Engagement


G20 YEA Indonesia

G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA) is a global network of more than 500,000 young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. Ahead of every G20 Leaders’…

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The European Business Chambers of Commerce (EuroCham) Indonesia is the principal voice of European business interests in Indonesia. As such, EuroCham…

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School 42

School42 is a free coding school located in Jakarta, Indonesia that is fully endorsed by the French and Indonesian governments including the Ministry of Communication…

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Beyond Java

As part of our commitment to highlight and preserve local culture, we have committed to supporting French photographer Marius Moragues over the…

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Nusa Ina

The Nusa Ina project revolves around the work of Anouk Garcia, a Frenchwoman who has been documenting the islands of Indonesia for over two decades.

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Crisis Relief Aid

The Steinberg Protocol Crisis Relief Aid (CRA) is established to ensure the availability of resources to assist disaster relief and rescue efforts in Indonesia. Drawing on our team’s previous…

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