The European Business Chambers of Commerce (EuroCham) Indonesia is the principal voice of European business interests in Indonesia. As such, EuroCham Indonesia maintains close working relationships with the European Commission, the European Union (EU) Delegation, and all of the existing European bilateral chambers of commerce, and European embassies in Indonesia.

Eurocham conducts dozens of strategic events such as seminars, summits, and workshops on various economics and industrial topics. Steinberg Protocol, as a Platinum Member of Eurocham, has access to all of Eurocham’s strategic network and has opportunities to voice members’ interest through proactive advocacy work with related government sectors and officials. In 2019, Steinberg Protocol will be initiating and leading a couple of working groups within the Eurocham Indonesia.

The objectives of the working groups are:

  • Developing dialogue and advocating members’ specific ideas, interests and concerns to related government ministries and apparatus
  • Providing members with information on recent developments in related industries
  • Advocating for improvements in strategic regulations and policies for a better business environment in specific sectors