Komodo Ventures

Komodo Ventures creates digital synergies and opportunities by connecting European and Indonesian digital companies, to accelerate and scale their businesses based on proven European models.

Anchored by an international team with both global and local experience in the telco, digital and media sectors, Komodo Ventures is able to access government, corporate and industry partners, clients and markets, as well as human resources talent and mentorship in a culturally sensitive manner that also takes into account regulatory and legal requirements.

The company’s services range from market assessment and investment due diligence to venture building and scaling phases.

Our Vision & Values

Our Ecosystem

Our Team

Steinberg Protocol is comprised of various stakeholders who are united by a common vision of creating value in a sustainable,
ethical and respectful fashion. Our global network brings together visionary creatives, social and business entrepreneurs,
government officials, industry experts, and seasoned professionals. This combination has proven highly effective in enabling
and accelerating results. Our portfolios are anchored by experienced individuals or teams with proven capabilities
and a passion for that sector, who are supported by Steinberg Protocol to achieve their optimum potential.