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IBP & Partners | Business Consulting
Brussels* | Active

Semar Sentinel | Security & Aerospace
Singapore & Jakarta | Active


IBP Bio | Organic Business Facilitation
Madrid | Launch Q4 2020



Brussels | www.ibp-partners.com


International Business Performance & Partners (IBP) is an international consulting firm that offers business development, market entry, M&A, global deal sourcing investment funding and local facilities support, backed by a global network spanning 20 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

IBP’s five main focus areas

  • Digital & TMT (technology, media and telecom)
  • Security/Defence/Aerospace
  • Infrastructure
  • Life Sciences and Food and Agriculture

Each area of practice is led by extremely senior experts in their respective sectors, with a minimum of 15 years of industry experience in multiple countries with leading global brands and companies.

Clients include major organizations and companies such as Maroc Export, which is the Moroccan government center for exports; Eiffage, one of the largest engineering construction companies in Europe; and Sofema, a leading aerospace and defence company based in Paris. IBP moreover works together with the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BPKM) to hold overseas events such as the Economic Forum on Indonesia, held during March 2018 in La Défense, Paris to promote investment opportunities in Indonesia to European companie.

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Singapore, Jakarta


Semar Sentinel is a consulting firm that specializes in business risk assessment and intelligence in Southeast Asia. In a complex and fast-moving environment, the team provides up to date insights and effective solutions related to government affairs, regional and local context and business development in order to support your activities in the region.

The company offers a wide spectrum of consulting solutions and services including but not limited to:

  • Market intelligence and penetration
  • Country economic & risk analysis and forecasting;
  • Due diligence on potential clients, distributors and partners;
  • Representation of client interests;
  • Development of regional and/or local strategy;
  • Analysis of regulatory impact on business.

Semar Sentinel moreover offers certain proprietary products related to personal and commercial protection and security including blast containers and custom-built cars with protective features.

Clients :



madrid | ibpbio.com



Organic business has rapidly become big business with growing consumer demand. The European organic retail market alone is worth some Euro $30 billion, with 12% annual growth.

IBP Bio helps connect small to medium producers and manufacturers of organic products to retailers and wholesalers throughout Europe. Currently, IBP Bio works with some 700+ buyers in more than 13 markets, covering numerous types of organic products. Its excellent network and database enables it to help match buyers and suppliers, as well as advise on pricing points, export-import regulations and other areas of potential friction.

IBP Bio is committed to assist organic producers to access and expand into the European market. In addition, IBP Bio can also help to source and bring organic products from Europe to interested buyers in Asia. IBP’s terms are non-binding, affordable, progressive and flexible in line with its genuine commitment to help organic producers grow.

Technology, Digital & Innovation

RDC Aqualines | Aeronautic
Singapore & Nizhnyi Novgorod | Active

Komodo Ventures | Ventures & Startups
Singapore | Active

Mavenful | Influencer Marketing
Singapore & Jakarta | Active

Kumpul | Entrepreneurs Ecosystem
Singapore & Jakarta | Active



Russia, Singapore | www.rdcaqualines.co


As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a vast need for safe, efficient, fast marine transportation. Inspired by aviation but designed for seafaring, RDC Aqualines offers above-the-water transportation leveraging proven ground-effect technology, yielding superior speed and reduced fuel consumption. Initially designed to operate under rugged conditions, RDC Aqualines are highly durable and easily operable, making them extremely suited for a number of applications in water transportation, including passenger and cargo, search and rescue, and patrol & border security.

RDC Aqualines offers several types of solutions depending on desired speed, passenger capacity and budget:

  • Ekranoplan for maximum speed and comfort, which are designed to attain sustained flight several meters over the sea with max speed 200 km/hour and 25 pax maximum capacity
  • Retractable hydrofoil, offering a comfortable and fast ride with bigger capacity for passenger and cargo transportation
  • Scooters, up to a 3-seater WIG bike for maximum versatility and affordability


Paris, Singapore | komodoventures.com


Komodo Ventures creates digital synergies and opportunities by connecting European and Indonesian digital companies, to accelerate and scale their businesses based on proven European models.

Anchored by an international team with both global and local experience in the telco, digital and media sectors, Komodo Ventures is able to access government, corporate and industry partners, clients and markets, as well as human resources talent and mentorship in a culturally sensitive manner that also takes into account regulatory and legal requirements.

The company’s services range from market assessment and investment due diligence to venture building and scaling phases.

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Jakarta, Singapore | kumpul.id

Being the leader of ecosystem builders, KUMPUL has created and transformed digital ecosystems for entrepreneurs. Kumpul aspires to be a global co-learning platform empowering communities and coworking spaces to build ecosystems focused on entrepreneur growth. Kumpul created a playbook for their place to run more efficiently, build programs that every space partner can bring in, and bring people from around the globe to the spaces. With 50 community builders in 24 cities and 5 service partners in Indonesia, Kumpul has brought hundreds of thousand participants to learn and work with each other.

Kumpul leads some of the most prestigious programs in Indonesia such as Startupweekend in association with Techstars, Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital in association with The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Seedstar, Hacktiv8, The NEXTDEV, Algoritma, with support from Kemkominfo, BEKRAF, Google, AWS, Telkomsel, BCA, and Sinarmasland



Jakarta, Singapore | mavenful.com

1,300+ partner influencers | 92 Million+ reach | 200+ top celebrities (Indonesian & Korean Celebrities)

With today’s extreme proliferation of social media, we see that among hundreds of millions users, some become extremely popular and have established trust with their audience to influence their decisions on what to try, purchase or subscribe to.

Mavenful, an all-in-one influencer marketing platform, facilitates brands to sell their products and services via endorsement on social media by finding the most appropriate influencers and work with them at scale. It is an effective content marketing solution through authentic influencer-generated content, and gives influencers the opportunity to experience being a content creator in the field of their interest.

From nano to micro to macro-influencers, Mavenful allows brands to quickly and easily identify and work with tens or even hundreds of influencers seamlessly. With data -driven and clever algorithms, brands get a holistic view of an influencer, from the quantitative such as an influencer’s social data and influence score to the qualitative such as the type of content they create and the brands they’ve worked with in the past. Mavenful also provide all the necessary success metrics once the campaign is finished.

Health & Medical


Medeco Global | Health & Medical
Hong Kong | Active



Hong Kong, Madrid, Jakarta | medecoglobal.com

Medeco Global is a fast-growing company that has developed high-level networks and solid expertise in sourcing and trading an extensive range of products for the private and public sector, across a wide range of vertical markets. Medeco Global is now dedicated to streamline the distribution of critical medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic by optimizing the management of global supply chains.
Since 1992, Medeco Global team has been building partnerships with more than 50 factories across the world to provide medical equipment & supplies. They have a meticulous process to audit our suppliers and manufacturers including proper certification and quality control by our local teams.

They have extensive network which allow them to source, create a reliable and cost-effective supply chain and offer reasonable prices for existing products as well as new emerging technologies in the health sectors.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Medeco Global also has representatives in Paris, Madrid and Jakarta as well as commercial networks in every continent.

Hospitality & Property


Eastern Latitudes | Resort Management
London | Active


Ama-Lurra | Luxury Eco Resort
Lombok | Launch Q4 2020


LWC | Senior Living
Jakarta | Active



London | www.eastern-latitudes.com

Eastern Latitudes is a hospitality company based in Europe dedicated to conceptualizing, developing and operating exclusive boutique villa-resorts in the far exotic corners of the world, with a primary focus on the Southeast Asian region. Eastern Latitudes works with partners to create stand out hotel and resort experiences that are crafted in harmony with the local environment.

The company manages the Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort, Ama-Lurra Sanctuary and Ama-Lurra Thalasso brands. All the Ama-Lura brands are designed with a net zero carbon emission approach as the core philosophy, and such strive to minimize their energy footprint and water usage to be truly eco-friendly. Each Ama-Lurra resort combines contemporary style and ethnic touches highlighting natural textures, vintage items and high end, long-lasting materials.

The Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort is operating in Gili Air, while Ama-Lurra Thalasso operates in Tanjung Lesung, West Indonesia, which is currently being targeted for priority development by the government as a national tourist destination.

Eastern Latitudes has also identified a number of sites for future development in Indonesia, from Bintan Island in the west to Morotai in the east. All of the locations have in common exquisite natural beauty and a distinct sense of place, making each project one-of-a-kind.

Eastern Latitude is always open to new opportunities for discussion and partnership, with a vision of creating value for all parties including the local communities where our projects are based.



Gili Air  | www.ama-lurra.green

Nestled amidst the gorgeous natural environment of Gili Air island, Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort is a pioneer in exclusive eco-resorts and lifestyle with the aim of net zero-carbon emission. This resort will be one of the first in Indonesia to fully generate its own electricity, and will also partially recycle its waste water with potentially no energy cost.

Gili Air offers a unique lifestyle with no cars or motorcycles allowed to disturb the tranquillity of the island. Visitors can walk, cycle or make use of the cidomo, a light horse carriage. This authentic island environment is the setting for Ama-Lurra Lagoon Resort’s 12+12 single story one-bedroom boutique villas, each featuring an individual private salted plunge pool.

Guests also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural activities and sports in close proximity to pristine white beaches, turquoise water, vibrant coral reefs and vivid marine life for a one-of-kind tropical experience.



Jakarta  | www.livingwellcommunities.com.au

As the number of Indonesia’s senior citizens continue to increase, there is a growing need for senior services and facilities. Australia’s Living Well Senior Communities’ has expanded to Indonesia with the vision and mission is to become Indonesia’s leading developer and operator of premium seniors’ living communities.

The motto of “More Hospitality, Less Hospital” is not just a marketing gimmick, it succinctly describes the product offerings and the aim of celebrating the life of a senior as they embark on a new chapter in life in a supportive and caring environment where new skills are learnt and new friends are made.

Specifically, Living Well Senior Communities team aims to provide seniors and their families with a residential community that has world-class facilities and access to international health care within a supportive, active, comfortable and respectful environment.

There are currently two projects under development:

1. Citra Garden Jakarta

Living Well Communities operates a 480 sqm seniors’ clubhouse and outreach health programs for residents in Citra Garden, West Jakarta. This clubhouse, called Citra Premier, contains comprehensive facilities including buffet style menu, daily health checkups by staff and ambulance service from Ciputra hospital at no extra cost, and daily activities and programs ranging from aerobics classes by the lake to computer programs, flower arranging, mahjong, tai chi, film, karaoke, English language classes, cooking displays and gardening among others.


Branding & Marketing Communication


We and Brother | Branding & Marcom
Jakarta | Active

we and brother


Jakarta  | www.weandbrother.com

Marketing & Moving Pictures

Started as Advertising and Marketing Agency, Weandbrother has evolved and become specialized in unlocking the potential of video and provide an effective and multi-platform video campaign. They look at and build on the premise that a move to “video first” strategies will be the answer for many brands looking to secure brand growth. They are storytellers, creative and curious minds who relentlessly produce audio-visual content with rooted insights, digital culture, distinctive ideas, strategic campaigns and measurable results.


Content Production, Branding Strategy, Social Media Campaign, Marketing Analytics, Strategic Partnership and Media Advertising

Clients :

Arts & Culture


East West Synergy | Film Production
Jakarta | Active


Jatorri Lab  | Book & Music
Paris | Active



Jakarta  | www.eastwest-synergy.com

East West Synergy (EWS) is a film production house and Intellectual Property (IP) developer dedicated to developing and producing high quality films that fuse influences from both Eastern and Western cultures. These films are aimed at capitalizing on the fast growing Asian market while also appealing to the larger international audiences.

EWS’ mission is to:

  • Develop and produce high quality hybrid cinematic projects from Indonesia
  • Establish world class film production houses and film festivals in Indonesia Bring a fresh and dynamic approach to Indonesian filmmaking in diverse genres
  • Create traction for Indonesia, to build bridges and expand the nation’s cultural footprint abroad

Films produced or currently in production by EWS together with other partners include ‘Love All’, a biopic on Indonesian badminton legend Susi Susanti, and ‘Legacy of Java’.

Feb 2019
Oct 2019
Feature Doco
Action | Thriller
Action | Adventure



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Patria Watch Co | Luxury Watches
London & Bienne | Launch Q3 2020


Pennyip | Luxury Footwear
Singapore | Launch Q4 2020


comme ci comme ca | Luxury Bags
Singapore | Launch Q4 2020



London, Geneva  | www.patriawatch.co

Patria was first founded in Bienne in 1892 by Louis Brandt, the father of Omega. This fascinating and elusive brand produced some of the first purpose-built wristwatches in Switzerland and supplied many of the watches that were issued to the men who fought in the First World War. The history of Patria has resulted in iconic, beautiful and historically significant watches. The design language of Patria is one that adapted to the battlefield at the turn of the 19th century: Big, bold numerals that glow in low light, elegant cathedral hands, brilliant white or deep black glossy lacquer dial and an oversized crown are all characteristics that represent the spirit of Patria. New Patria watches are designed to inherit the DNA of their ancestors so that they can carry forth the legacy of the brand.

Patria Watch Co believes in upholding the key principles of Swiss watchmaking; traditions that have been proudly passed down for generations and that have characterised Swiss watches above all others. Patria watches are assembled by hand in Bienne, Switzerland where they are tested for timekeeping accuracy, resistance to magnetic fields and water resistance.



Singapore, Kuala Lumpur  | www.pennyip.com

Pennyip is an exclusive luxury footwear label established in Singapore. Defined by an international outlook and hybrid sensibility, the brand’s core values focusses on minimising production waste, seeking sustainable solutions, environmental responsibility and building socially inclusive relationships with creatives. The exquisitely designed shoes represent quality craftsmanship, durability while upholding styles that are timeless and memorable.

Environmentally-friendly materials are incorporated by responsible manufacturers whom also epitomises a high level of excellence in their processes such as the respected shoemakers of Maison Massaro in Paris. The range of collections are for the well heeled and well informed fashionistas with an intention to lead the luxury fashion footwear industry to a better future.



Singapore, Jakarta  | www.ccccofficial.com

COMME CI COMME ÇA (CCCC) founded by an established French bag maker in collaboration with a talented Indonesian fashion designer. The collection of bags and accessories offer infinite combinations of customizable and interchangeable flaps to create fun looks for all occasions. Anyone can now express their personality and style in seconds with a CCCC bag. Each style is made from lovingly crafted materials, designed with the intention to push the boundaries of environmental awareness by exploring, developing and incorporating recycled and up-cycled sources.

Comme Ci Comme Ca aims to convey practicality and convenience in a colourful form that comfortably vibes with any polished and modern lifestyle.

Lifestyle & Wellness


Sens & Territoire
France | Active


Jakarta | Active



France  | www.sensterritoire.com

Sens and Territoire has its own capability for new diagnostics and management techniques in the fields of forestry and agriculture management, mycology and agroecology with expertise on certain innovation themes.



Jakarta  | www.kado-kita.com

KADOKITA is an online retail experiential gift concept for any occasions. KadoKita’s aim is to make an efficient and affordable gifts for customers with perfect and memorable experiences ranging from dining to relaxing. Kadokita is the perfect gift for birthday, wedding anniversary, valentine, farewell, housewarming party, baby shower, social gathering, business gift, corporate anniversary, thematic occasion (religious celebration), and customer gift.

  • More than 1,000+ choices of gift
  • 155+ existing partners that offering experiences for customers
  • Elegant box design and the boxes are valid 12 months and exchangeable
  • Product Category: Food & Beverages; Spa & Wellbeing; Staycation; Activities; Thematic (Religious and Special Occasions)


Time International Films | Film Investment
Los Angeles, Singapore, Jakarta | Active

Trade Indy | Programmatic Advertising
Melbourne, Singapore, Jakarta | Active