As an archipelagic country, Indonesia has a vast need for safe, efficient, fast marine transportation. Inspired by aviation but designed for seafaring, RDC Aqualines offers above-the-water transportation leveraging proven ground-effect technology, yielding superior speed and reduced fuel consumption.

Initially designed to operate under rugged conditions, RDC Aqualines are highly durable and easily operable, making them extremely suited for a number of applications in water transportation, including passenger and cargo, search and rescue, and patrol & border security.

RDC Aqualines offers several types of solutions depending on desired speed, passenger capacity and budget:

  • Ekranoplan for maximum speed and comfort, which are designed to attain sustained flight several meters over the sea with max speed 200 km/hour and 25 pax maximum capacity
  • Retractable hydrofoil, offering a comfortable and fast ride with bigger capacity for passenger and cargo transportation
  • Scooters, up to a 3-seater WIG bike for maximum versatility and affordability